Monday, 26 January 2015

Splurge, Save Create: Daybeds

Feeling energised and rather pleased with myself after finishing my first blog post, I thought I'd have a go at thinking up some regular features that will help me focus my weekly posts a bit.

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was so that I would have a place to organise my thoughts and record recent sources of inspiration. Having recently finished the lengthy and painful process of buying and renovating a house, I now sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of styling and furnishing the mostly empty rooms. 

So, for these (mainly selfish) reasons I've come up my first regular feature: Spend, Save, Create. It's not exactly original but it is the kind of feature I really enjoy on other blogs and in magazines, and might help me - and maybe even other people - see how an idea can be seen through to fruition by spending big, spending less big or by being frugal and creative. 

A daybed for the snug

First up then is my biggest problem area in our new house - the snug:

Lots of people with Victorian or Edwardian houses that are shaped like this use their second reception rooms as a dining room, but as we have a big kitchen diner we don't need, or want, a separate formal dining area, plus it's quite dark as you can see, so we decided to turn ours into a 'snug' and use the front reception room as a slightly more formal/grown up living room. But, given that it's fairly narrow, a standard sized sofa would make the area look a bit too crowded I think, and I want something that looks a bit more 'loungy' so I'm on the hunt for a day bed. 


My 'if money was no object' option is from Another Country which is a recent discovery of mine and I just love the simplicity of their furniture which has that quiet, well made, well-worth-the-investment air about it. With its brass legs, Belgian linen mattress and £2k+ price tag, this is truly my dream daybed:


My 'save' option - the Jeepers daybed from Loaf - is not too different from the 'spend' option on paper: linen mattress, bolster cushions, restrained design, but it is a less elegant and more practical option which is no bad thing necessarily, and at around £700 it's a LOT cheaper than the Spend option:


I'm a bit 'over' furniture made from pallets, but this daybed - from the blog Johanna Vintage - doesn't look too obviously like a couple of old pallets with cushions plonked on top, as pallet sofas usually look. It would certainly be a cheap option and if you made the mattress to go on top, you could end up with a perfectly customised piece of furniture:

So there you are - 3 very likable options for the snug. Although I know I'll probably go for the Loaf option as it suits our needs and budget best, I think I need to daydream about the Another Country one for a while longer before I commit!

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